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The Stonetrust/Paradise Woods poster series has been published since 2009 as a supplement to the Mineralogical Record, a highly respected and award-winning magazine. The poster series has received wonderful reviews from educators, collectors and even competitors. We plan to continue the series.

Stonetrust also published a series of six large format posters in Mineral UP magazine, a fine and beautiful publication, in print since 1978.

Since 2010, Mineral UP magazine has published a calendar filled with the photographs by Joaquim Callen.  We have posted the calendar covers and the Stonetrust calendar month for your viewing pleasure.

This section of our website is like a brand new year — filled with possibilities and limited only by the imagination. Let me know if you have an idea or article that you would like to share. My mind is open.

If you have a specimen that you would like to see featured on one of the posters please write me a note using this form or call me at 860-748-1661. I will be happy to discuss the series and participation details with you.

Thanks for visiting Stonetrust and please stop by again soon.

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