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We are mineral sellers and take great delight in helping others build the collection of their dreams.

Obsessions require feeding, since you are visiting Stonetrust, one of yours is likely minerals. We welcome you, and thank you for stopping by.
We love to search: If you are looking for a specific mineral please let us know what you desire and we will do our best to find it for you. Some of our most meaningful relationships are with clients that we serve on a regular basis by searching for specific mineral specimens that meet their particular requirements. Its fun and we have made some wonderful friends. We find it to be a great pleasure and privilege.

Have we met? Perhaps we have at one of the mineral shows that we participate in annually. You may know our story intimately, or not at all; that doesn’t matter. What is important to us is that you found your way here and that you will decide to return. If you have questions about who we are, just ask; send your question to Stephanie@stonetrust.com.

Our mission has not changed: We began Stonetrust over a decade ago. We are committed to serving mineral collectors. We are dedicated to running our business professionally and we are down right stubborn about our values.

We work full time: Stonetrust is a full time endeavor for one of us, Stephanie; Robert's passion for minerals is keen; his zeal was the impetus of Stonetrust. He can be found at most of the mineral shows that Stonetrust participates in; his other focus is Stonetrust Partners LLC, (www.stonetrustpartners.com) a company that develops and markets age qualified senior living communities. We are both voracious about building relationships and serving the needs of our clients.

We appreciate your visit!

Robert and Stephanie Snyder

Last Updated: 01/14/2014